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The metal is called Corten steel, and it’s a special alloy that is perfect for the creation of shipping containers. Corten steel alloy is designed to prevent the need for paint, improved protection from the elements, be easy to weld, and be rust-resistant.
The greatest opportunities for modifying a shipping container come by modifying the containers themselves. Container units can be stacked side by side to create a great, open concept space, or they can be placed one of top of the other for multi-story convenience.
Containers can be modified with a range of door options depending on your needs and your budget. Choose from traditional insulated metal doors or add glass sliding doors for additional convenience and light. When it comes to picking the doors on a shipping container structure, there are very few limitations to worry about.
Are one of the most desired characteristics of a home or office. Shipping container buildings afford you the ability to capture the sunlight. In a shipping container, adding windows is easier than with conventional housing. Various sizes and shape options are also available.
Containers come with marine-grade plywood flooring which can be polished or cleaned up if desired. Alternatively, we can add tile, laminate, hardwood or other types of conventional flooring.
Complete climate control solutions are available with any shipping container building. Both wall-mounted and ducted AC systems can be installed, depending on your budget.
Insulating your space keeps it warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer and quieter and more comfortable all year round. Several insulation options are available for shipping container homes and office buildings, including closed cell spray foam.
When you’re looking at lighting for your container building, there is a wide variety of options — from conventional ceiling fixtures to stylish recessed lighting, LED lighting, there will likely be a lighting system that will fit your style and tastes.

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